What does our name "RMS" mean?

RMS (Root Mean Square) is an Engineering term, referring to the effective and useful part of the Sine wave. With this meaning in mind, we choose RMS as our company’s name to become an efficient, effective and useful company for Myanmar’s industrial sector.

Our aim is to build Myanmar as an industrialized country. Numerous, operating and qualified industries are required to reach that aim. Not only numbers of company in operating, but skillful, knowledgeable, qualified, motivated and enthusiastic employees play important roles in development. Moreover, good attitude is another thing required for this aim. With good attitude, cooperation among the companies strengthen and development will be more efficient.

Development is not about your or our success, it is collective success and development of the industry. We strongly believe that this kind of attitude will benefit all stakeholders involved. And all the companies welcome such kind of partners.

We strive to achieve this attitude among ranks of our members to be a stronghold for the industry. We are here to help support you in your endeavor. Please contact us, get expert advice from us, let’s cooperate for collective development.

We do installation and service in following industries:

  • Marine & Offshore
  • Construction & Factory
  • High/Medium Voltage
  • Specialized Procurement (rare and exotic items)